Changing the face of the social sciences

A new suite of web articles has been released which could change the face of the social sciences.

Called “Matrix Thinking: How Society Works”, the articles are the work of Australian scientist David Noel.

Noel is better known for his ground-breaking writings on the physical sciences, in particular on the structures and histories of the Earth and the wider Universe. A recent article, “Finally, the True Origin of Earthquakes?” (at has attracted much attention as the first credible model dealing with what causes earthquakes.

This physical-sciences background gives an indication of why “Matrix Thinking” is so different and lucid in its treatment of the workings of society, typically regarded as a ‘soft science’.


MT infocap contours


The suite of 25 articles, at, analyzes the basics of what goes on in human and other societies, and presents a series of propositions on how these components interact.

For those wanting a quick dip into the whole set, the home page suggests opening “Picture This : Tools of Matrix Thinking”, at This looks back at the preceding 20 articles, and extracts a checklist of 21 tools (questions to ask or situations to check) to evaluate a given social scenario.

Those wanting a deeper understanding of the whole topic may want to start at the home page and work progressively through the 25 articles, which form an interlinked whole.


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