New cosmology explains CMBR, Red Shift, Dark Matter

In a dramatic simplification of cosmology, the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation which permeates the Universe has been found to consist of ordinary thermal emissions from interstellar material.

In the third and last of the “Cosmic Trio” of articles by Australian scientist David Noel, called
The Oort Soup as the real origin of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
, he shows how CMBR is merely normal thermal emission from distant interstellar matter (Oort Soup).


The first article in the Cosmic Trio, Refining the Zwicky Constant: A new more soundly-based constant for inter-galactic distances, replacing the Hubble Constant, showed how redshifts in the spectra of distant galactic objects are due to the simple Gravitational Drag proposed by Fritz Zwicky, rather than recession of galaxies.


This was followed by The Cosmic Smog model for solar system formation, and the nature of ‘Dark Matter’ , which showed how solar systems formed from a galaxy-wide smog of matter, rather than stars being formed first followed by planets from a protoplanetary disc.

In addition this vast intergalactic space, called the “Oort Cloud” in the case of our own Solar System, was shown to contain far more matter than the Solar System itself, as much as a billion times more. This functions as the long-sought-after Dark Matter.

Between them, these three articles present a new, simpler cosmology, based on standard physics rather than a new theory.

(Approved by William of Ockham).


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