The Man Who Changed The Universe

Ockham’s Razor is the name of a logical tool devised in 1300s England by the philosopher-monk William Of Ockham.

The Razor is a method of deciding between competing explanations of a real-world phenomenon. Briefly, it says if you need to choose between a number of explanations, you should always choose the simplest.

Over a period of more than 40 years, Australian scientist David Noel has investigated many aspects of the physical universe, and realized that current theories and beliefs in this area contain a surprising number of misconceptions, sometimes gross errors. Many of these can be fixed by applying Ockham’s Razor to the available evidence.

David-L copy
Australian scientist David Noel

This process, applying Ockham’s Razor to a string of old and new explanations of the workings of the Cosmos, has yielded a rich harvest of improved models of what’s going on, and sometimes explanations of matters which have baffled the experts until now.

Dark Matter, Galactic Red Shifts, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, and Creation of Heavy Elements are just a few of the topics which have yielded to a concise, simple and consistent approach.

In the history of our Solar System, the Late Heavy Bombardment, which peppered the planets and moons about 4.1 to 3.8 billion years ago, is shown to have an obvious origin.

These matters, and many others, are explained in a newly released web article, “The Ockhamized Universe — The new explanation of the physical cosmos”, at

“The Ockhamized Universe” is organized around a set of 24 questions, to each of which two answers are given — first the “Old View”, the standard or conventional account, and then the “New View”, noted as “later work which is yet to reach general acceptance with the wider public, but which gives a more logical and generally simpler view”. These questions are as follows.

101. How old is the Universe?
102. How big is the Universe?
103. How did the Universe begin?
104. What did Edwin Hubble discover about the spectra of distant galaxies?
105. What causes galactic red-shifts?
106. How were galaxies formed?
107. How were planets around stars formed?
108. In our Solar System, which came first, the Sun or the planets?
109. How old is our Solar System?
110. Why do the Planets orbit roughly in the same plane (the ecliptic)?
111. Why do the Rings of Saturn orbit exactly in Saturn’s equatorial plane?
112. Why are older galaxies disc-shaped rather than spherical?
113. What is the cause of the Late Heavy Bombardment occurrence?
114. What is Dark Matter?
115. What is the origin of CMBR?
116. What is a neutron star?
117. How were the neutrons in a neutron star formed?
118. When stars and planets are formed by aggregation of interstellar material, what is at their cores?
119. How can larger bodies in the Oort Cloud be detected?
120. What is a Black Hole?
121. Where do Cosmic Rays originate?
122. Where in the Universe are heavy elements formed?
123. What are the essential conditions for nuclear fusion?
124. What’s the future of the Universe?

The Universe

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  • peter lovasz  On 2015 May 11 Monday at 6:42 pm

    Is interesting ! How works the Universe ?

  • peter lovasz  On 2015 May 11 Monday at 6:44 pm

    Exist unique solution for to find the Universe future ?

  • John Harland  On 2015 May 12 Tuesday at 11:31 am

    I think that the form in which I learned it is more helpful: the simplest explanation is the most likely.

    We cannot be certain that the simplest is the best answer; only that it is the most likely to be the best.

  • Vedat Shehu  On 2015 May 14 Thursday at 6:30 pm

    Dear Peter Parkin’s Puffs;
    I appreciate very high your presentation of the David Noel’s activity as you integrated it in this Essay titled “The Man Who Changed Universe”. The Noel’s extraordinary formulations about the key problems of Earth and universe are scientific truth of scientific abstraction reached by scientific method using true real premises opposing Big Bang pseudoscientific theory using the basic theological premise; “calculation how years ago was formed cosmic sky with Earth and everyting inside itself”. The Big Bang theory is an interference of theology in scientific method. I have had reached at same conclusions starting from rock formation process in Earth and in cosmos . This way I wa intered decades ago and last integration of my theory (qualified by me as Scientific Pamphlet) is in publishing phase under title: “The Earth’s Core, an Energetic Cosmic Object”. My universal conclusions is that Ultradense matter shape is transformed in energetic matter shape and atom-molecular matter shape after a ultradense ultra massive matter shape explodes as supernova phenomenon. So starts formation of energetic cosmic objects and atom molecular shape of matter fulfilling in very dispersed form the space, as well as energetic shape. Respect Vedat Shehu .
    Please, if possible see at: and
    and if you consider my theory to be known wider I am ready
    for an interview in distance.
    Address: 115 Dedham Rd.
    Sharon, MA

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