Venus ‘Runaway Greenhouse’ effect discounted

Greenhouse alarmists see the possibility that with increasing CO2 content in Earth’s atmosphere, a point could be reached where temperatures would soar out of control in a ‘Runaway Greenhouse’ effect.

They point to the situation on Venus, where the temperature at the surface is very high, and where the planet’s atmosphere is almost all carbon dioxide. They link these two facts to suggest that one is caused by the other.

Now a new analysis of temperatures on the Earth has shown that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has no effect on temperatures. While the CO2 content has undoubtedly risen in recent years, starting back with the Industrial Revolution or earlier, the physical dynamics of the situation preclude this affecting general world temperatures.

The same analysis has been applied to Venus. The high surface temperature there (almost uniform over the whole surface, without any effect of season or terrain) is shown as a natural consequence of established laws of heat transmission.

The Venus section of the analysis, Temperatures of the Earth — a Globe in Space (a re-analysis with some surprising results) is at the AOI website.


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