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  • Robin Lucas  On 2012 November 18 Sunday at 12:16 am

    Interesting to see the “rising sea levels”!! I know of a number of places in Europe where ports are now inland and cut off from the sea.
    Parkgate, Wirral, old Roman port now sees the sea twice a year, Montreuil-sur-mer in France is 10km inland, Canterbury used to be a Roman harbour, now landlocked, Isle of thanet is no longer an island.
    Regards, Robin Lucas

  • albert sneij  On 2014 February 28 Friday at 1:23 am

    please check my article at dralbertsneij.com or cosmiccreativeenergy.com

  • David W. John  On 2015 May 10 Sunday at 8:51 pm

    Bet you’d love to learn How Everything Works… for real.

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